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A marvelous slope, perfect for installing in holiday resorts, leisure parks, city areas and even seasonal ski resorts to ensure year through operations…and it’s not just for skiing! 

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The slope can be used with snowboards, snowbikes and other types of equipment normally used on snow.

Superb skiing

This ski slope simulates the characteristics and conditions of real ski slopes and can be designed for users of ages and levels, from nursery slopes to more expert level courses.

The ski slope can be used during any season and in any kind of location, as long as the ground where it is installed is compact and homogenous.

The ski slope has a low coefficient of friction that allows skiers to maintain their speed, even on the edge. The correct ratio between the stiffness and concentration of bristles allows the matting to deform easily, as if the skier was on compact snow, allowing “carved” skiing.

Thanks to the dry lubricant and other sliding agents, the ski slope has an excellent degree of slipperiness, making it possible to ski on minimum slopes (8-10%).

Ecologically friendly

The ski slope does not require an irrigation system, and as such there is no water or electricity consumption. The ski slope can also be partially regenerated when its cycle of use has come to an end.

Technical information 
-Basic, rectangular shaped module (230 x 400mm), composed of bristles placed in double rows, in circles with an average diameter of 45mm. The central hole is 35mm in diameter. 
-The bristles are conically shaped, 19mm high and molded on a supporting base of 8,5mm. 
-A basic module has 32 holes with a diameter of 4mm in four rows, for the screws that anchor it to the ground. 
-A supporting layer of 8mm guarantees a high level of elasticity, allowing perfect adhesion to the ground. This characteristic means it can also be used on any surface (grass, cement or wooden flooring).


- 10-15% - for beginners learning slopes

- 15-20% - for blue level runs

- 20-30% - for red level runs

- >30% - for black level runs 

Note: Being a customised product, the sale of the same requires a budget. If you would like us to provide you with an offer, please kindly request the same clicking here