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The “SURF RIDER” surf ride simulator is an exciting attraction that produces a static wave for practicing body boarding and surfing. 

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Given the compact size and modular nature of this surfing ride, it’s perfect for installing both in existing and new waterparks, sports complexes and leisure centres. It provides a fantastic surfing experience and is ideal for all types of user, whatever their age or ability. It can be enjoyed by everyone, from beginners with their boogie boards to surfing pros.

The Surf Rider is a static wave ride, with a high-speed laminar water flow and a depth of 7 to 10 centimetres. Water is supplied to the Surf Rider through high-flow submersible pumps and it can be controlled via a flow-speed variation system, allowing the power to be regulated and therefore the wave. This possibility for adjustment allows the Surf Rider to be used in different ways: from teaching body boarding to youngsters, to surfing and even surfing competitions. 

The Surf Rider allows the creation of the perfect wave to practice body / boogie boarding and surfing, in maximum safety, thanks to its integral cushioned covering. Fun is maximised thanks to its large surfing surface area. The speed of the wave can be adjusted from the control panel, in a range between 5 and 8 m per second.

The Surf Rider can be easily integrated into a lazy river system and can be designed to provide both the static wave and the movement of the river. The Surf Rider can be supplied with a support bar for surfers' training, which allows new surfers to familiarize themselves with their boards and improve their balance and control of the boards in a controlled environment. There is also an option of installing stainless-steel perimeter railings.

The Surf Rider can be supplied turnkey, including the filtration and chemical water treatment systems. Power consumption can be adjusted to suit the operating conditions. It is manufactured with materials that guarantee its longevity in an aquatic environment, with resulting benefits in cost reductions and low maintenance and drastically reduced installation and commissioning times.

Technical specifications of the Single Surf Rider

Surfing surface materials: Elastic GRP covered with a cushioning buffer of 30mm PE foam and double-layer treated PVC, reinforced with polyester mesh.

Interior dimensions: 12 x 5 m

Water level: 1.5 m

Minimum depth of the pool basin: 1.85 m

Pool water volume: 90 m3

Pump flow: 4,500 m3/h

Pump power: 110 kV

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