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An exciting standing-wave ride, ideal for installing in existing waterparks, shopping malls and leisure complexes due to its compact size.

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It provides a great surfing experience for people of all ages and skills and can be enjoyed by everyone from novices to surfing pros.

The BoardRider is a deep water standing-wave ride with a water depth in the region of 250mm. This deeper water enables the use of body / boogie boards, and surf boards.

In addition to BoardRider’s ability to create a perfect body / boogie boarding or surfing wave, its ride surface, exit and entry and dewatering areas are cushioned, ensuring that the ride is both safe and fun.

BoardRider’s water delivery system is controlled via inverter drives which means that the power and therefore the wave setting can be regulated. This unique adjustability means that the BoardRider can be used in different ways, from teaching youngsters body boarding classes, to general surfing and even surf competitions. For example, with its pumps set at maximum and the wave form at its highest position, BoardRider can generate professional standard waves of over 1m in height. 


• BoardRider fills a gap in the standing-wave market by providing an attraction with a thicker cushion of water to produce a continuous standing wave

• High capacity; the standard BoardRider can accommodate one surfer, or up to 3 body / boogie boarders at any one time to give far higher capacity than comparable attractions

• BoardRider’s deeper water, adjustable wave height, and safe “flow velocity” enable a wide range of wave related activities such as surfing, body / boogie boarding, kayaking, or tube rides

• BoardRider’s adjustable air cushion wave provides a new high level of safety

• A range of custom boogie & surf boards is provided with every BoardRider to maximise the ride experience

• The wave height can be adjusted instantly from the remote panel

• BoardRider can easily be integrated with a lazy river system where it can be designed to provide both the standing wave ride and river drive.

• BoardRider can be supplied with a surfer training support bar, this enables new surfers to get familiar with board riding and improve their balance and board control within a controlled environment

• BoardRider is manufactured entirely from materials suitable for long unprotected life in a swimming pool environment.

• Power consumption is tuneable to suit operating conditions


- 90kw (50hz) submersible pumps

- Stainless steel pump mounting flanges

- Stainless steel pump discharge cones

- Electrical control panel c/w remote (3Ph/50Hz/380v) with manual & auto functions, and wave height control

- Inverter drives

- Custom pull-trusion ride surface support structure and flow smoothing delivery grate

- GRP side walkways

- GRP water deliver ramp and wave approach surface

- Inflatable “air wave” ride surface

- Compressor

- Set of stainless steel dewatering grilles

- Set of soft mating surface for the exit & dewatering area.

- Set of all fixings necessary for BoardRider installation & assembly

- BoardRider surf boards

- BoardRider boogie boards

- Set of project specific drawing package

- Detailed operation & maintenance manuals 

And also…..

- Sea Worthy Packaging

- CIF Shipping to the nearest sea port (or direct to site at extra cost)

- All flights & hotel accommodation for our engineering staff is included

- Installation supervision (one visit lasting 2 weeks)

- Training for the clients operational staff

Not included

• Pool construction including the filtration and any other aspect of the pool such as finishes etc.

• All labour and equipment required for the installation

• All electrical wiring associated with the BoardRider installation

• Any local duties of taxes

• Any safety signage 


Assistance will be provided in the design development of the project by providing any technical information and drawings that may be required by the design team or client. The following drawings are supplied:

• Overall dimensions for the concrete pool structure required for BoardRider

• Pump drawings

• Equipment layout

• Electrical connections – available on manufacture of the BoardRider


BoardRiders come complete with a comprehensive guarantee for complete peace of mind. The warranty period will last for a period of one year from the ‘hand over’ date (subject to all payments having been received) and covers the replacement of all faulty components supplied by us as part of the contract.

Note: Being a non-standard sized product, the sale of the same requires a budget. If you would like us to provide you with an offer, please kindly request the same clicking here