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Legal Notice

Web owner details

Adress: C/ dels Velluters, nº2 – 46014 – Valencia, España
Fiscal registration number: B96593710.
Trade Registry of VALENCIA Tome 5673, Book 2980, Folio 150, 1st inscription, Sheet V 51772
Contact telephone number: +34 961581614
Contact email: info@amusementlogic.es

ATT: Tome 6619, Book 3923, Folio 215, 1st inscription, Sheet V 171695
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Accessing the website https://store.amusementlogic.es/, property of AMUSEMENT LOGIC, S.L. and using the services that this site offers, implies acceptance of the following terms and conditions of use:

Privacy Policy

In Amusement Logic S.L. we are committed to protect and respect your privacy. In the Amusement Logic Store we are committed to providing our customers with a secure, private, and enjoyable online shopping experience.

 In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, in effect from 25th May 2018, our privacy policy explains when and why we collect your personal data, how we use and protect it and how you can request to see or delete your information.


How do we collect your data?

To shop in our store, we do not require that you create an account.

We obtain data regarding your when you use our Web site. For example, when you contact us with a consultation regarding our products or services, or when you subscribe to our newsletter / information bulletins.

In the “Contact” area of our Web page, a User is asked for a series of personal details, through filling out a simple form. By clicking the form’s “SEND” button, the User expressly consents that their data can be used by AMUSEMENT LOGIC to contact them by email or any other way, and this acceptance is considered as informed consent.

Likewise, in the “Newsletter“ subscription area, a User can subscribe to the AMUSEMENT LOGIC’s newsletter (to receive our free Newsletter and information bulletins), by providing their email address. By clicking on the “Subscribe” button of the corresponding form, the User expressly consents that their details can be used by AMUSEMENT LOGIC to send them our monthly newsletter and other information bulletins, by email and this acceptance is considered as informed consent.

In the data collection forms, some fields are marked with an asterisk, which AMUSEMENT LOGIC deems necessary to correctly process your request. As such, filling out these fields is obligatory and if the User does not provide these details, using its sole discretion AMUSEMENT LOGIC can deny the corresponding service.

In any case, the User has the right to access their details, and is able to rectify or cancel them, by contacting us at the address shown at the beginning of this Privacy Policy.

What type of information do we collect?

The personal data we collect can include your name, email address, country of contact (so we can assign the appropriate Sales person to you), your IP address and information regarding the pages you have visited.


How do we use your data?

We can use your data to:

        Contact you to respond to a consultation you have made regarding our products, services and / or other issues.

        Correspond with you during negotiations;

        Send you our newsletter / information bulletins, if you have expressly consented to this.

        Inform you regarding a change in our company details or circumstances.

        Process an order.

We will maintain your details in our system only for as long as is necessary for the relevant activity.


Who has access to your data?

 The Amusement Logic Store is operated by Amusement Logic S.L. only to fulfil and process your orders.

Your data will be used and stored by Amusement Logic, S.L. in safe servers.

For newsletter subscribers; we use the mailing program Madmimi (https://madmimi.com), which will only store the details that you have provided for this, on their servers.

We will not sell, nor loan your details to third parties. We take the necessary measure to keep your data safe and protected against, loss, misuse or alteration.


How to access, update or delete your data?

If you wish to access your data to update them or request they be deleted, you can do so by writing to us by email to  info@amusementlogic.es or by post to the address of Amusement Logic S.L., C/ dels Velluters, nº2, 46014, Valencia, Spain, clearly indicating your registered email address and your preferences.

Newsletter subscribers – we will not send you our newsletter / information bulletins if you have not consented to this. If you have consented to receive the newsletter, but then decide you no longer wish to, then you can remove yourself as a subscriber using the Preferences button on the newsletter we send to you. Likewise, or should you prefer, then you can contact us by email at  info@amusementlogic.es or in writing a the postal address of Amusement Logic S.L., C/ dels Velluters, nº2, 46014, Valencia, Spain, clearly indicating your registered email address and your preferences.

We may take steps to verify your identity, before proceeding with your request for updating or deleting data.

Cookies Policy

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Cookies used on this website:

Following the guidelines of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, we will detail the cookies use of this web, in order to inform you with the greatest accuracy possible.

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Deactivation or elimination of cookies

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Additional notes on cookies

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       Should you have any other doubts or query regarding this cookies policy, please do not hesitate to contact us, via the contact section.


This Web may contain links to other Web sites, managed by other companies. The policies here mentioned only apply to our Web site.

AMUSEMENT LOGIC, S.L. is not responsible for the data, websites or files that can be accessed through the links available amongst the contents of store.amusementlogic.es, given that said linked pages or files are the responsibility of their respective owners. Therefore, AMUSEMENT LOGIC, S.L., neither approves, nor does it make its own, the services, contents, information, data, files or any kind of material existing in such web pages or archives, nor does it control, nor, in accordance with what is established in the LSSICE, is it responsible for the quality, legality, reliability and use of the information, contents, data and services existing on the linked sites and which are extraneous to  store.amusementlogic.es. Should a competent body declare the illegality of the data, order that it be withdrawn or that access to it be restricted, or if the existence of damage be declared, the links that are indicated will be immediately withdrawn, as soon as AMUSEMENT LOGIC, S.L. is expressly notified of such.


Use of the Web site, its contect and services

Accessing the contents and services offered in  store.amusementlogic.es, and the using the same, is undertaken by the User at their own cost and risk. AMUSEMENT LOGIC, S.L. does not take responsibility for possible damages that the User may suffer, nor for any technical problem or fault in the computer equipment of the User, produced as a result of; The improper use by the User of the contents or services of  store.amusementlogic.es; errors, defects or omissions in the information provided, when it comes from sources other than AMUSEMENT LOGIC, S.L.; illegitimate interference by third parties, outside AMUSEMENT LOGIC, S.L.’s control.


Intelectual property

As a general rule, the user accepts the responsibility of using the Web as stipulated by law, in good faith and with generally accepted uses and customs. Likewise, the user accepts not to use the web’s services for any illicit or criminal activities and / or activities that violate intellectual or industrial property, or any other rules of law.

The reproduction, distribution, transmission, adaptation or modification of the texts, designs, graphics, images, information, or other elements of the website is prohibited, except in accordance with the prior express authorization and written permission from AMUSEMENT LOGIC, S.L. or as authorized by the Law.



In  store.amusementlogic.es mention may be made indirectly and on an informative level, of some terms and logos that are trademarks registered by their respective owners, and no responsibility for the improper use of the same by third parties, will be borne by AMUSEMENT LOGIC, S.L. in regards to said trademarks.


Access to children under 16 years

Our Web site is not directed to children under 16 years old. Any user under 16 should obtain permission from their parents / legal guardian to use it and provide any personal details. 


Availability and updates

We revise and update this legal notice and privacy policy periodically.

 AMUSEMENT LOGIC, S.L. reserves the right to interrupt access to the site store.amusementlogic.es, at any moment and without prior warning, as well as to modify or delete the site’s configuration, the content shown in it, or the provision of any or all of the services that are provided through it, whether it be for technical, security, maintenance reasons, or any other cause. Said interruption or deletion can be temporary or definitive in character, without any deriving any liability for AMUSEMENT LOGIC, S.L.

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