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The Crazy River is a slide designed to transmit sensations of a river rapids descent. With a width of 1400mm and 800mm deep, it creates a descent full of curves with plenty of excitement on any corner.

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The Crazy River is an essential attraction for any waterpark nowadays. It can be combined with a Black Hole, as they both have the same diameter, so you can add double sensations and amusement to the attraction.

It is used with floats for one or two people, having a maximum capacity per hour of 480 users.

Available in a wide range of slide layouts.

The slide is built with fibreglass reinforced polyester resins (FRPR), in straight, curved or specially shaped sections, which are joined with bolts and sealed.

The entry sections are wide and have a non-slip surface. The entry sections are specially designed to provide a safe and complete closure with the swimming pool.

Materials used for the fibreglass laminate:

•Cook Gel Coat or equivalent, NPG (Neo-Pentryl-Glycol) with UV inhibitors. 
•Isoftalic resins with a 2 to 1 ratio with layers of chop and 0,5 kg of mat. 
•Colours integrated into the fibre with homogenous distribution throughout the slide.

The metallic support structures are hot-dip galvanized, adapted to the slide path on foundations prepared for their erection. All the connection bolts are supplied, as well as the fastening flanges for the slide. The columns or supports are spaced approximately 4 or 5 meters from each other, in accordance with the design of the slide path. The exit tower is built from steel, with non-slip platforms and steps.

The components supplied are the following:

• Slide sections. 
• Entry sections, equipped with non-slip finish and designed for the easy connection to the PVC piping necessary for the water supply. 
• Safety guards to avoid the loss of water and accidents, installed on the curved parts or where required on the slide. According to the type of slide, the guards can be integrated into the slide section, therefore being more effective and aesthetically better. 
• Flanges and handrails precision drilled in the factory. 
• Sika Flex 1A for the joints. 
• M10 stainless steel bolts. 
• Exit tower. 
• Support structures and fixing system. 
•Pumping system (including pump, electric panel and accessories for the correct operation of the slide).

Likewise, the following services are supplied
• Advice for architects, engineers and other professionals who participate in the works on account of the client. 
• Plans and calculations including: 
• Slide path design 
• Structural support system 
• Design and calculations of the exit tower 
• Design of the foundations of all the support columns and tower 
• Operation manual 
• Preparation of the documentation required by the competent authorities (legalization of the project)

Note: Being a non-standard sized product, the sale of the same requires a budget. If you would like us to provide you with an offer, please kindly request the same clicking here