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Amusement Megapools, super-sized pools for leisure, sports and relaxation.

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Amusement Logic offers an aquatic version of paradise, taking Caribbean waters and beaches, or the best Mediterranean landscapes to anywhere in the world. Thanks to their size and definition, these pools can turn any environment into a tourist landmark, a leisure benchmark for travellers, families, residents, tourists and guests. 

With areas starting from 10,000 m2, these large aquatic spaces provide high added-value to real-estate developments, residential developments, vacation areas, hotels, camping sites, public parks and natural enclaves. The configuration possibilities are practically infinite, so that separate pools, islands, rocky headlands and even palafitte buildings can be installed within. 

Sustainable – their water consumption is much less than that of a normal swimming pool.

Affordable – their operational and maintenance costs are reduced. By consuming energy solely for filtering and chemical resources only when and where necessary, they require 1% of the chemical products and 2% of the energy that a conventional pool would require. 

Superb investment opportunity – only a quarter of the investment is required in comparison to other similar-sized conventional pools. As the mega pools can be complemented by a wide variety of activities, they can be seasonally operated, resulting in a considerable reduction in the investment’s amortization period.

Adaptable – In addition to the various bathing and swimming pool activities, there are others to be enjoyed, such as floating games and courses, pedal boats, as well as many other sports: dinghy sailing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing, water skiing, flyboarding, diving and water polo. There are recreational options; water park, Splash Pad, trampolines, catapults and so on. On the shore there are restaurants, shops and merchandising, an amphitheatre, concerts, shows, etc. 

The Amusement Megapools are a lure for pleasure, culture and recreation, 365 days a year. For further information, please contact us by clicking here.