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Waterland is a new concept of aquatic fun, in contrast to the traditional waterpark.

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A large aquatic area divided by themes into various zones, with different kinds of equipment to carry out multiple aquatic and relaxation activities for the enjoyment of all the family. 

Waterland itself is like a waterpark, but reduced in size, (minimum required surface area 10,000 m2), with a maximum capacity of three thousand people. This represents a much smaller investment in comparison with the investment required to construct a traditional water park. It also has greater profitability, having very low operation and maintenance costs.

In Waterland the typical slides that are existent in almost all water parks all over the world are not predominant, but the theming that draws it all together is, and as such the attractions are blended into the background. 

Taking into account that the profitability of current waterparks depends greatly on family clientele, (parents and children), in Waterland, families can find that place they seek for fun and amusement and enjoy an unforgettable day out.

Main elements: 

- Integrated slides area 
- Extensive children's games area 
- Waves area 
- Lazy river with cave 
- Swimming area 
- Aquatic relaxation area 
- Themed restaurant area 
- Customised theming and decoration unique to each investor, integrated into the environment (green project). 

Adaptable to any type of terrain, Waterland can be constructed indoors or outdoors (for year-through use). 

Waterland can be themed and customised to suit the requirements of any client and location. The sale of this product requires a budget. If you wish to receive further information on this product, or a personalized Waterland design and budget, please contact us by clicking here