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We present a new concept of leisure complex for the summer, the Aquatic Mountain.

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A remarkable enclave where the environment’s landscape and natural beauty unite with the most exciting aquatic entertainment, to transport us to a place of dreams. The imposing mountain rises above an extensive tropical beach, filled with overflowing vegetation. Impressive cascades flow amongst the rocky cliffs generating a display so astonishing, it is not even found in nature. The Aquatic Mountain is pure immersion in an exotic world. One step at a time, visitors can begin to discover all its charms and they will not be able to resist the temptation of continuing to explore.

We start with an innovative idea that stands out because of its multi-purpose facet and which can be applied in an infinity of projects, including indoor ones.

The current proposal is centred on a terrain of 7500m2, divided into the following zones:

The cliff beach 

This is an artificial wave pool that generates an illusion of peaceful bathing in a white sand beach. All the family will be able to enjoy a relaxing swim in truly beautiful surroundings, pleasing for both the mind and body. 

The island of lakes 

Towards the North, we find the island of lakes, an extensive children’s swimming pool. From its waters arise small islands, filled with mystery and surprises to be discovered. The smallest children will cross the wooden walkways to get to the islands. There they will find hidden treasures amongst the rocks. They will go down to the water through passages and slides and they will climb to the most inaccessible places with nets and rings. Fun is guaranteed. One of the main attractions of this swimming pool is the large tipping bucket. The expectation that this attraction generates is enormous. All the children and adults that find themselves in the proximity of the place, eagerly await the moment when thousands and thousands of litres of water will be tipped over the crowd.

For the smallest children, there is a paddle pool, with small water jets and animal figures. Parents can relax peacefully on the beach whilst watching their little ones. 

Paradise Lake 

On the opposite side of the cliff beach, the Paradise Lake is found; a series of lakes embraced by rock walls in between which vegetation descends. The murmur of the waterfalls accompanies the bathers in the hydrotherapeutic course. Water jets at different pressures, massage each and every part of the body, providing a sense of unimaginable physical and mental well-being. The hydrotherapeutic circuit is adapted for adults of all ages, allowing the bather to completely disconnect from his or her daily routine. Completing the circuit, there is an island that integrates two Jacuzzis and a pebble swimming pool.

Land of the Fountains 

Moving further into the heart of the mountain, we discover the most spectacular lakes of the park which before we could only dream about. We will climb up to them through caves and passages, reaching different levels on which we find the lakes. From here, bathers will be able to enjoy spectacular views of the lower lakes. The effect is surprising; the water from the lakes appears to overflow from one to another, finally ending up in pools on the beach. The lakes are surrounded by wide solarium areas, where visitors can sunbathe in relaxation and privacy. 

The tunnels labyrinth 

From the summit of the mountain a large cave awaits us. Various routes can be taken by the most intrepid visitors to start the vertiginous descent to the foot of the mountain. A collection of latest-generation waterslides allows descents at different speeds, with or without tubes, all of the slides integrated naturally amongst the mountain’s vegetation. Different configurations and characteristics of the slides allow them to be used by all family members.


We present a new concept of restaurant integrated into the natural environment of the aquatic mountain. Making the most of the mountain’s own orography, we create a unique and surprising place.

The cave like entrance generates an aura of mystery. The initial darkness makes way for a room with multiple inlets of zenithal light that bursts in through skylights, strategically situated on the upper terrace to ensure maximum energetic savings. The use of fine materials such as dry stone, laminated wood and glass gives the restaurant a modern aesthetic.

Visitors can ascend to the upper terrace via a stairway that is found at the end of the room. This terrace is divided into two heights, one used for the restaurant and the other as a fast food café and bar. 

The Aquatic Mountain can be themed and customised to suit the requirements of any client and location. The sale of this product requires a budget. If you wish to receive further information on this product, or a personalized Aquatic Mountain design and budget, please contact us by clicking here