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The Shockwave is a new style of aquatic adventure park created for teenagers and young adults.

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It integrates waves, climbing, canyoning and coasteering activities all within a single facility.

It is divided into two main zones; an energetic adventure activity zone and an adrenaline-boosting wave pool.

The adventure pool zone is multi-level and visitors move between each area, using the rocky paths, wooden bridges, ladders and rope slides. Adventurers can then drop down into the pools below from the rocky walkways, or use one of the climbing elements to venture from one level to another. The different rock climbing elements can be customised to suit all ages and experience levels. Water overflowing from the upper levels creates waterfalls that cascade down on users in the adventure pool below and also into the wave pool.

Shockwave’s wave pool has a unique bidirectional wave machine that produces waves in the two separate bodies of water. The waves that it creates flow in two directions; into the wave pool itself, where guests can practice their surfing skills or swim amongst the breakers and also into the adventure activity area where the waves add an element to the extreme-sport fun. The waves can be intensified to produce conditions suitable for surf training, or moderated to generate more play-orientated waves.

Once guests have spent all their pent up energy they can sit back and relax in the Jacuzzis, or join their friends and other spectators for refreshments in the café bar.

Main Shockwave elements:

- Bidirectional wave pool 
- Viewpoint 
- Cascade 
- Snack bar 
- Covered Jacuzzi 
- Adventure pool 
- Control towers (lifeguards) 
- Stairs 
- Bridge 
- Rock climbing elements

The Shockwave Pool has been created to permit maximum adventure fun in a small area. Due to its reduced size, investment, maintenance and operation costs are minimised. Its compact dimensions allow the pool to be incorporated into existing installations such as leisure centres, shopping malls or waterparks and installed indoors, the Shockwave can be operated throughout the year, maximising returns on investment.

The Shockwave Pool’s multi-level character allows capacity optimisation using a limited project footprint and also means additional income-generating areas such as a cafés, or snack-bars can be incorporated, without sacrificing activity space.

Although aimed at teenagers, the Shockwave is modular and both the wave pool and the adventure zone can be operated individually. Further areas can be added to allow the incorporation of other elements, such as splash-play areas for younger children, waterslides and games, or other leisure activities.

The pool shown in this design has an approximate surface area of 800m2, with a maximum capacity of 250 people. This particular Shockwave pool has been created to blend into a natural environment. Using water features, cascades, natural looking rocks and luxuriant plants it translates into spectacular scenery for onlookers and an exhilarating experience for users. 

However, the Shockwave pool can be themed and customised to suit the requirements of any client and location. The sale of this product requires a budget. If you wish to receive further information on this product, or a personalized Shockwave design and budget, please contact us by clicking here