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Amusement Logic has developed the "Marine World" pools that offer the possibility of carrying out this sports-recreational activity in an environment of total safety in its different forms of snorkelling, free-diving and scuba-diving.

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They are themed pools in which we recreate the marine ecosystem, creating an imposing landscape where an abundance of diverse forms can be found: giant kelp forests, coral reefs, underwater mountains and volcanoes, ancient galleon shipwrecks and the remains of lost treasure are just some examples of the immense beauty that is hidden in the depths of the sea and which we can reproduce in our "Marine World" diving pools. Different routes with bridges, large rocks, passageways, winding channels, caverns, fun passages, sunken ships, marine fauna and so on. A unique vision of the seabed, in total safety and in any city of the world.

The sea landscapes are highly realistic and adapt themselves to the aptitudes and physical conditions of divers of all levels, from amateur snorkellers to the most advanced scuba diver. The complete recreation of environments, reefs, shipwrecks and caves makes the experience even more satisfactory than the real thing, due to the absence of currents and the clarity of the water. The intricate orography of the depths make treasure-hunting like games possible, as submarine archaeological excavations can be recreated and visited by college students. Our installations can be used by federations and public and private organisations to give courses, conferences or specialised classes that require the presence of such an environment.

Given the physiological features that diving requires, it is imperative that strict safety rules are followed and safety limits are respected, for which each country is responsible in regulating and controlling. In the Marine World pools, novices can be trained in a safe environment whilst more experienced divers can enjoy their favourite activities at any time of year and in pleasant water temperatures, far from the sea. A place where both children and adults can acquire the knowledge and learn the skills required to carry out this activity safely and enjoyably. 

However, the Marine World diving pool can be themed and customised to suit the requirements of any client and location. The sale of this product requires a budget. If you wish to receive further information on this product, or a personalized Marine World design and budget, please contact us by clicking here