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Exciting pirate galleon wave pool and waterslides.

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A beautifully themed pirate galleon that is double the fun! This pirate-ship waves and slides combo, is an ideal way of splitting one large area of water into two different areas of activity.

From one side of the Pirate Galleon, guests can race down one of the four exciting slides into the pool below. They compose of two 6-metre Aquatube slides and two compact slides (17-metre and 38-metre). Manufactured using the highest quality materials, the waterslides have non-slip entry sections and safety risers where needed and can be produced in any colour preferred by the client.

On the other side of the galleon, visitors can enjoy hours of fun in the wave pool, a classic and highly popular attraction for any waterpark. Guests love spending endless hours of fun in the water, playing amongst the surf or relaxing in the waves breaking on the shoreline.

The waves are created by a 12-metre pneumatic wave-generator, purpose-built for wave pools with sloped beach-entry. Incorporating the latest wave technology and high quality components, the wave machine is designed to produce waves of up to 1-metre in height and with up to six different wave patterns.

The impressive 20-metre pirate galleon is constructed using our 3D Tech technology. It includes decorative elements such as: figurehead, rudder, cannons, lanterns, doors, look-out nests, cabin windows, stern and bow trim.

The Pirate Galleon wave pool and slides can be designed, themed and constructed to fit your specific needs and budgetary requirements. For further information, please contact us by clicking here