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Synthetic ice rink.

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The rules of the game have changed! This is a revolutionary ice-skating rink that is radically different from any other synthetic ice rink seen previously.

This artificial ice rink is made with the highest quality synthetic ice panels and can be used both indoors and outdoors, throughout the year, even in the middle of summer.

Thanks to its unique material, the ice rink has a 95% resemblance to conventional ice rinks and can be used for artistic ice-skating performances, ice hockey games amongst many other activities.

The ice panels are presented in different sizes, weights and thicknesses and each of their four sides are grooved which allows them to interlock to form a perfectly level, strong rink floor. When the panels are subjected to a wide range of temperatures, they behave impeccably due to their assembly system.


-There is no energetic cost involved 
-It is an ecological, neutral and non-toxic product 
-It is ready to be used under any atmospheric condition 
-It is very easy and quick to install and disassemble 
-No specialised personnel are required for its installation or maintenance. 
-The rink can be used for multi-purposes in addition to the more traditional ice-skating use

For the client’s convenience, the supply of the ice rink includes the following: 

-Ice rink panels (1965 x 965 x 20 mm) 
-Glide liquid 
-Rental model ice-skates 
-Speed One Automatic ice-skate sharpener 
-Removable wooden benches 
-Cleaning machine 
-Rink access rubber surfacing

Technical details 

The skating surface is formed by panels made of a mixture of improved polyolefin and various minerals (graphite, glass microspheres, etc.). In appropriate proportions, these confer the material with excellent behaviour in terms of abrasion resistance and notch toughness (up to 40 kg/mm2, according to standard DIN 53453.

The material has a tensile strength of 24 N/mm2, according to the DIN standard 53455, with a high breaking strength coefficient (>700%, according to DIN standard 55455).

The product shows a Shore D hardness of 70, according to the DIN standard 53405, and a thermal conductivity of 0,43 W/k.m, and we must emphasise its linear expansion coefficient of 2 x 10-4 /ºC, a very important feature for the product’s behaviour after installation.

As a general rule, the panels should not be exposed to temperatures that exceed 80ºC.

The panels have been tested by the Spanish National Research Council and the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory of Seville’s Superior School of Engineering and is a Spanish Ice Hockey Association authorised product. 


The correct maintenance of the ice panels is imperative to optimize its use and useful life.

Maintenance is easy and can be carried out by non-specialized staff.

The three most important maintenance points are: 
To maintain the surface clean (by vacuuming daily). 
To regularly apply the sliding liquid. 
To maintain the ice-skates with sharpened blades.

Note: Being a non-standard sized product, the sale of the same requires a budget. If you would like us to provide you with an offer, please kindly request the same clicking here