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ADRENALINE is an indoor extreme paintball competition field.

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The following elements form part of the game and environment: 

-Various detonators that activate surprise traps. They eject jets of paint and are hidden in barrels, boxes, rocks etc. 
-Turrets themed as a military vehicle and stone idol. 
-Wooden bridge. 
-Tunnels under the hill. 
-Secret door under the hill. 
-Lake with low water level situated in the central part of the terrain. 
-2 zones differentiated by theming. 

Military camp zone:

The appearance is that of an impressive, tortuous looking military camp, constructed amongst the rocks with concrete, metal sheets, canvases and trunks. It has a wooden watch-tower from which we can spot the enemy.

Nearby, we find drums, boxes, metal sheets organized chaotically arranged, that serve as cover from shots, as well as two helicopters shot down by anti-aircraft fire.

In the central part of both zones, a narrow hill rises. On this particular hill we find a military car, as a tower, lodged in a trench between rock and barbed wire and a ramp slide that can be slid down quickly to the central zone. Here, we also find one of the two helicopters, crashed into the side of the hill, some of its emergency lights still work and this creates a dark tunnel with faint reddish illumination.

Ancient civilization ruins zone:

We find ourselves faced with the relics of an ancient civilization, the remains of its magnificent architecture have been destroyed and enveloped by nature. Now, these ruins, scattered about the terrain can be used as protection and to hide from the enemy.

The hill of this zone hides a cavernous temple in its interior. Investigating amongst the sinister deities of its walls, we will find a hidden secret exit that leads to the central part. And up above, on the hill, a disturbing stone idol acts as a tower. Also, amongst the rocks there is a ramp-slide that we can use as a way to escape.

Game possibilities 

1. Team skirmish

Two teams confront each other with the sole objective of eliminating the opposition. It is used as a warm-up and to get used to the markers. 

2. Capture of control points

The players divide into two teams and each one is assigned a departure base. The objective of the game is to capture two control points and raise the flags; one of these control points will be in enemy territory. 

3. The storming or capture of the hill

One of the teams has to defend the bunker without being able to leave its perimeter when faced with an attack by another team. The attacking team has to conquer the bunker in a limited time of five minutes, before the defending team’s reinforcements arrive. 

4. Flag game

To play, two equal teams are formed and each one of them is assigned a base and a flag. Each team will try to get to the opposition’s base, capture their flag and return to their base. 

5. Plant the flag

It is a variation on the flag game, which consists of the first team raising their flag in the base camp of the rival team, instead of capturing the opposition team’s flag. 

6. Central flag

It is similar to the flag game, with the difference that a single flag is placed in the centre of the playing field: both teams have to try to capture the flag and move it to their base. 

7. The Captain

Each team selects a captain who will not carry a marker with the objective of arriving safe and sound to one of the control points situated in the enemy terrain, whilst defending the attack from the opposition’s team. 

8. Survival

The simplest game of all. Time is given for all the participants to take position in the field and once the starting signal is given, it’s one against all.

The duration of the games can be varied according to requirement. Depending on the game, the possibility exists of it lasting a determined time with a fixed tariff or an unlimited time, but with the number of balls previously contracted.

The Adrenaline paint ball field can be themed and customised to suit the requirements of any client and location. The sale of this product requires a budget. If you wish to receive further information on this product, or a personalized Adrenaline design and budget, please contact us by clicking here